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Italie pour vous

Italia per Voi acts for various real estate experts, builders and people who want their properties and plans to be know, not only in Italy but also in foreign markets. We keep the investors in touch with our real estate partners in Italy.
When we are asked, we can search the most suitable real estate solutions and plans for foreing investors.
We attend various international fairs and we organize events in Italy in order to offer the properties to the investors and submit new possible real estate business in Italy.
It is possible to receive our magazine, free of charge, to keep uptaded about the offers of our partners.
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Expo Ire Rome

International Real estate expo Rome ! This year 2015 the event was successful in May
It is our greatest pleasure to invite you to EXPO IRE, the Italian Real Estate Exhibition which will be held in Rome
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Sunfim Srl

Overseas property -especially offshoring and increasing purchasing power
Given the economic and financial context in France and Europe, investment abroad is increasingly popular, allowing to enjoy your retirement present or future under optimum conditions and pay for itself by buying power to increase that issorely out of date on our beautiful continent.
Our structure is domiciled in the Dominican Republic and established in different countries of the World
Company located in Dominican Republic, specialized in research of all property : land, villas, apartments and businesses in the world. To help you in your research, please contact us through our website. Our local representatives are at your disposal
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Cliquez pour agrandir l'imageThe International real estate exhibition DOMEXPO has been successfully held in Moscow (Russia) twice a year since 1999. It has been strongly supported by various authorities, such as: Moscow government, Russian Guild of Realtors, Moscow Association of realtors, the Association of investors, International Tourism boards and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Russia.
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Salon Iree Geneva

Agent ! Revendez des biens immobilier étrangers !


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