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Италия собственности Реклама

Итальянская недвижимость

Italian Property

Italian real estate agency's provide wonderful property.
•Helping you entirely on your country of residence to purchase, through support for your visa application shengen and your trip to visit the property you choose from estate agents, but also for your stay, your transport during the residence and the provision of an interpreter. Finally down to the advice you may need to sign the sales contract at the notary. See all of our services !

•Pack 1 travel package :
Proof of accommodation, health care insurance, help at the request of the Schengen area visa short time, ticket fly.

•Pack 2 Package hosting : We will accompany you throughout the stay to help you visit and search your property.
•Accommodation in, 3 or 5 star hotel         
•Transportation during the stay,               
•Accompaniment during viewings,         
•Advice to the decision and choice, purchase,
•Linking with local estate agents and notaries,
•Accompanying the contract of sale.
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