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Karystos Greece

The new  project in Karystos consists  ONLY  of  20 plots , 500  sq. m. each.

which is approximately one hour and a half from the Athens airport.

The schedule is : Athens airport to Rafina, which is a ferry terminal: 35 '
From  Rafina to Marmari, a port in Evia, 1.30 hrs'. The total time is approx. Marmari to the development appr 30'.2 - 2..30', The journey is very pleasant because the road journey compined with the sea journey interrupts the monotony.
Each plot is 500sq.m and all the plots have sea view.
Some plots - the more expensive - are on the beach, others have same distance from the sea. The  sea view is spectacular from all the plots  and you can see

Karistos in the distance, which is only 10 minutes drive away.

The prices range from 23,000 Euros to 59500 Euros (59 500 for the plots

which are on the beach). The roads are  made, not ashalted but cemented, which means that they  do not require maintenance.

A 70sq.m. and 90sq.m. of the older style, to which improvements can be made.  You will have the quotation for these  soon.
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