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Tema casa



The agency Pineto Uno Sas, is located in Pineto from 1994 ; we work on residential and tourist property intermediation.
I am Adriana Severini, owner of this agency, entered as a member of Agents of Mediation Business n°437 and Experts and Surveyors of the Chamber of Commerce.
Our structure can supply to our customers, over property mediation, the whole complementary services as tecnic, legal and financial aspects. We can follow the customer from the birth of his property idea to the completely satisfaction of his needs also in collaboration with notary, lawyer, surveyor and business consultant.
Website : http://www.immobiliarepineto.it
Mail : info@immobiliarepineto.it  - info@pinetouno.it
Phone : +39 0859493251 -office +39 3401735764
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