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aureli group    

Aureli Group


Aureli Group is a real estate brand direct to professionals and consumers . Aureli Group is also a real estate exchange between member agencies , independent and own brand.
The real estate market today puts players in the area in terms of have to cooperate in order to compete outside. In other words , the "purpose by reach " is collective.
Aureli Group provides real estate services complete the requirements not for only professionals but also consumers.
The marketing concept Aureli Group is to create a voluntary exchange of values "not only services, but also includes ideas”.
The target is to extend and includes active subjects of marketing, not more companies alone , but anyone who has a " purpose to catch."
Our mission is to provide real estate resources they need to succeed in today's housing market , and take them for the future through targeted courses on-site or webinar , with the needs of members and with particular attention to:
  • NPL ( non performing loans) , procedures and checklists
  • Support auctions, how to select , analyze, finance and remove any property awarded.
  • Motivational courses and basic media and advanced training for aspiring agents or realtors.
  • Services back office
  • Multiple Listing Service - Exclusive service Virtual Agency
  • Prestigious location available to members
  • Improve their brand
  • Respect of the members through the exclusive program " agree the next"
  • Agreements with energy performance certificates for technical and communal practices
  • Agreement with engineers for due diligence
  • Agreement with architects to study the design and renovation projects
  • Agreements with leading banks in order to finance the value of the disposal of public property
  • Agreements with notary
  • Agreement with lawyers who specialize in real estate business
Aureli, a group of professionals realtours with a common passion in all aspects of Real Estate.
We helps real estate agents to reach their goals, union of related agencies and participating in national and international level with a single purpose:
allow real estate to meet agency ethically professional everywhere to improve and expand the services offered to the customers.
Service to your business : Circonvallazione Appia, 126 00179 Rome (Italy)
www.aureli.it aureli@aureli.it
www.aureligroup.it sviluppo@aureligroup.it 
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