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serint group

Serint Group


Choosing Serint Group means entrusting yourself to a network of companies committed to supplying a multiplicity of services, but with the great advantage just one interlocutor to have to deal with.
Serint Group is a reality conceived to provide a complete answer to building complexes, condominiums, companies and private citizens through integral management of the activities and the supply of specific advanced services.
The sectors covered by Serint Group include:
Administration of real estate and management of public and private estates, even with the global service and/or facility formula
Planning, management and coordination of restoration work
•                Restructuring and building
•                Design and planning of greenery
•                Plant management
•                Carrying out of work and interventions of any nature connected with real estate
•                Availability 24/7
•                Freephone number
•                Technical-legal consulting
SERING GROUP Website : http://www.serintgroup.net/
Piazza Mario Conti 2/1A
16152 - Genova
tel : 010 65 33 433 fax : 010 64 25 797
Emergenze: 366 3067955
e-mail : info@serintgroup.net
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