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ISARO Budapest Hungary

Proprietà Ungheria


ISARO is a group to Italian private capital. The founders of the ISARO have been being present for years in the sector, operating to all the levels in the real estate field both it residential, that tourist, that commercial. Their experience, initiated in Italy, it was initially been wide to Hungary where the Group has its principal center, for then to continue in Ukraine with the opening of the office of Kiev and finally, shortly, also to DUBAI.
The offices of the center, to the center of Budapest, they represent the point of meeting, of analysis and of planning of the opportunities today offers in a market, that Hungarian, held to reason one of the most promising of the whole European Union.
The clients are driven in every phase of the cycle of real estate investment, through an ample range of services that they space analysis of the market to the assistance before, during and after the purchase, to the management of the same property.

An organizational assistance, legal, fiscal, financial, is guaranteed in complete way, combined to the maximum seriousness and reliability that solo operating present directly with Italian personnel and knowledge place of the territory in deepened way, can guarantee.
Besides making on his own site budapestimmobiliare a list of various proposals available, A Novelty' Absolute introduced by the ISARO KFT to protect the savings in this serious moment of financial crisis, it is the possibility it also dates to his own clients of power to purchase apartments already rented and therefore productive immediately of income. Thanks in fact to an undersigned accord with special receptive structures, the clients have the possibility to make to immediately yield their capital with a Guaranteed Clean surrender that it usually oscillates among 6 and 9% the year.
On these types of immovable property, the society also offers the free management for the whole period of the contract of rent
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