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Ты покупатель хочет приобрести собственность за границей!
Существуют различные способы, мы можем помочь вам в ваших поисках, чтобы найти подходящую собственность ли в Европе или по всему миру.
Pack Travel : - бронь проживания или оформление приглашения - оформление обязательной медицинской страховки - помощь в получении визы - бронь авиабилетов из Вашей страны               
PACK HOSTING OR PACK HOSTING LUXE - бронь 3-х звездочного отеля/4 ночи или 5 звездочного «все включено»/ 5 ночей  - предоставление транспорта на время пребывания - переводчик - сопровождающий на время визитов - советы эксперта для принятия решения - услуги местных агентств и нотариуса - помощь в составление договоров купли/продажи                 


Click to zoom the imageFundamental to Raimon Land's approach is its focus on gathering market intelligence. The company's insightful research enables it to identify niche areas of future demand which may be overlooked by competitors and which could be catered to by Raimon Land.

Combined with project feasibility studies and careful planning, the company's market intelligence, gathered by a dedicated team of professionals, gives it the confidence to identify and secure specific locations for land acquisitions and the development of multi-billion Baht properties.

During and after project completions we seek further customer feedback with a view to continuous improvement and learning more about customer tastes, needs and opinions. We are now applying the principles of research, planning, feedback and continuous improvement to other stakeholder relationships, including our investor relations program.

In the spirit of encouraging transparent and interactive dialogue, Raimon Land also shares much of its research findings with its customers and the public generally. ‘Condominium Focus' newsletter is unique in providing regular and comprehensive analysis of macro-economic indicators, new unit launches, cumulative supply, take-up rates – and average unit sales prices – for both the inner-city Bangkok and resort destination markets. The research is published quarterly and can be downloaded free at raimonland.com. Condominium Focus provides all the information prospective investors need to know about when to buy, where to buy and current market values.
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