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Time coming that you would like to build a better organization on your activities and investments. Our company provide support in overseas company opening, Money transfer, properties investments abroad, fiscal residence change, law system taxes advise, Ask a consultancy with us.
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You are a buyer looking to acquire property abroad !
There are various ways we can assist you in your search to find a suitable property whether in Europe or worldwide.
1. We can apply on your behalf for a visa to enable you to travel
2. We can introduce you to suitable estate agents and accompany you to view the properties
3. We can arrange for your accommodation during your stay and for transport e.g car hire
4. Provide you with an interpreter should you need one
5. Advise you as to the legal formalities in relation to the sale and purchase.
6. Help you for your funds transfer to the solicitor.
7 - We can assist you for the co-owner meeting, pay for you the tax and the bills

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Investors ! Turn to the projects accompanied by our group is for you a guarantee. Indeed, the proposed programs are selected and offer favorable annual income, quality of construction, luxurious neighborhood and furniture. Albania, Thailand, Egypt, Dominican Republic, Spain, are some of the destinations where are proposed the programs resort with golf and swimming pool generally 5 stars with several more services. But not only, have a look on our properties page, you can find wonderful luxury individual properties in Switzerland, France, Italy. Anyway, given that our first interest is your satisfaction, we can only accompany you towards projects which answer very exactly your waits, and nothing else. Try us ! 
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Property abroad
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Private Jet

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Private Jet travel quotation Including Transport and Hosting with our support services for your project to buy a property overseas. Ask more details. Private Jet proposed are Cirrus 22, Hawker 900
This service can't be sold separately, only with our support when you buy overseas properties.
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Please note that Realty Gold World Ltd cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the Estate Agents or their sales assistants or any other such information provided by our franchises appearing on our website and you would therefore need to have recourse to them directly in the event of any misrepresentation as they remain responsible for the content of their advertisements.
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Funds Transfer

Realty Gold World Ltd finally can help you for the transfer of funds and to make your international payments with the solicitor in the currency of the country of destination with moderate costs of transfer and exchange with our partner. You can also send money to your loved ones all over the world.
Moneycorp - Making your international money transfers
Realty Gold World recommend you use leading currency specialists Moneycorp for your currency transfers. When paying for your property and sending money overseas, they will offer you a better exchange rate compared with your bank and guidance helping you to transfer your money at the best time.

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