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Mauritius Property

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There are various ways we can assist you in your search to find a suitable property whether in Europe or worldwide.
1. We can apply on your behalf for a visa to enable you to travel
2. We can introduce you to suitable estate agents and accompany you to view the properties
3. We can arrange for your accommodation during your stay and for transport e.g car hire
4. Provide you with an interpreter should you need one
5. Advise you as to the legal formalities in relation to the sale and purchase.
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Safari Lodge

Located in MareSèche, in the North of the island, 5 minutes' drive from
Grand Bay, this project is built within an exceptional nature setting,
offering a magnificent view on the Northern islands and the Port Louis
mountain range.
12x 3 Bedroom villas at MUR 25 650 000 (+/_ USD 855 000)
6x 4 Bedroom villas at MUR 28 650 000 (+/_ USD 955 000)


Safari Lodge

Villas inspired by nature's colours
Safari Lodge RES Property, is built within an exceptional nature setting, offering a magnificent view on the Northern islands and the Port Louis mountain range. Directly accessible from Chemin Vingt Pieds, this residential complex includes 18 spacious villas of 3 and 4 bedrooms, each pleasantly fitted with its own private garden, swimming pool and kiosk.
A spa and a Fitness Club, with their own parking facilities, are also a bonus to residents. They are open to the public too.
This private residential project proposes 3 villa options, with or without storey. Each villa has a circular and well landscaped garden, a wide 12m swimming pool, a kiosk as well as 2 private parkings.
Make the most of your open garden space in total privacy! Each bedroom is extended by a veranda or balcony, providing straight access to the garden…

PRODUCT INFORMATION : The project will consist of:   
  • On 900 m² plots of land, with private swimming pool & kiosk,
  • 7 one-storey three-bedrooms 350m² villas,
  • 5 one-storey three-bedrooms 360m² villas,
  • 6 two-storey four-bedrooms 410m² villas, 
  • Fully furnished, fully equipped and fully decorated, based on the African safaris theme, 
  • Planted rooftops and balconies,
  • 2 private parking under pergola,
  • A Spa, A Fitness Club
Support buyer: Book a Travel and visit in Mauritius, meet the developer.
Company " Realty Gold World ltd " shall render the following services 5 days under "The Client's" order:
hotel 5 stars accommodation ; meetings at the airport ; transfers according to the itinerary; meals acc. to a tourist's choice; Property sightseeing services; services of a guide-interpreter; visa support. price separately 7500 £

Refined interior design, focussing on a clean look of hot shades and wood touches, beautifully emphasizes the spacious concept of living areas. Each villa is fully furnished and tastefully decorated, bringing by the wild and blissful spirit of Africa.
Villas with Ground Floor + 1 will have a direct view on the sea and / or mountains and, thanks to the sloping surroundings, the magnificent view from all villas should be preserved in the long-term. Planted rooftops and balconies featuring landscaped pieces of green haven, also contribute to the feeling of omnipresent nature...
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Funds transfer

Funds transfer to the solicitor
Realty Gold World Ltd, through partnership with Moneycorp, can help you for the transfer of funds and to make your international payments with the solicitor in the currency of the country of destination with moderate costs of transfer and exchange with our partner. You can also send money to your loved ones all over the world.

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