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Our company is not a real estate agency,

Experts Development and management.

Do you plan to open an overseas company, developp your international customers ?

Change your fiscal residence ?

Invest in tourisitic properties abroad ?

supporto all'estero

Do you plan Overseas project ?

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We can support you in different famous place offering law system tax and
international available standing view.

Our staff and partner's are lawyer, chartered accountant, architect, properties
developper's, financial organization and provide all the support you need to
organize a new life.

Company born in 2010 in London after we have noticed that many foreign
buyer's meet problems when make overseas properties purchase,

Our goal help them providing support services.
We have a website where we propose real estate ads and support services

We have developed a new magazine : World is Magnifique downloadable on
internet for free by the readers provide useful advise.

We organize international real estate business tour.

We thank you for your interest in our company.

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