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Pack Assistance

If you are owner of a property abroad !
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you own a propertie abroad which you handle difficult meetings of condominium and the payment of expenses, invoices and tax breaks.
With our support package we can make all the transactions for you and make you free !
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Services Offered !

Pack 3 : Assistance :
If you are owner of an overseas property :
We can manage for you
Annual follow-up : Managing costs and property taxes.
With power on your part we will see the meetings of owners, we will solve your water bills, electricity, gas or other.

Services : With our contract pack support ! We support :
•The payment of your bills, water, electricity, telephone, gas,
•Relations with the condominium and the trustee, the payment of your condominium fees,
•The annual general meeting of owners,
•The settlement of your property tax.
We will send you an annual report!

Contract 1000 £ per year off your bills and expenses incurred on your property.
With the help of our support package, you will generate administrative obligations to you under your property abroad.
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