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Holiday rental

Lanzarote Holiday rental

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Canarias Island

Club Resort Costa Teguise

Clicca per ingrandire l'immagineOur Residencial Resort is a very special complex situated in Costa Teguise, with a huge potential and lots of opportunities.

The complex occupies a prime location in Costa Teguise, just 500 metres from the beach Los Charcos and 1000 metres to the centre.
Teguisol was constructed in the late eighties as a 3-keys touristic accommodation and was the nicest apartment complex in Costa Teguise.

Two years ago our company Costa-Invest has been refurbishing it and selling its apartments.
All of the properties have a very well-designed interior space that gives our residents lots of possibilities to create a special place to live.Working in cooperation with reliable refurbishing companies in Lanzarote, we have the possibility to offer our clients a full range of services.

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