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Sunny beach Black sea

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Harmony Suites resort


Harmony Suites resort 5 stars

Clicca per ingrandire l'immagineThe resort Harmony suites provide 5 swimming pool, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Fitness, children area and luxury apartment fully furnished. You can enjoy the Restaurant, bar and terrasse. The resort is very clean and new.
Security and Airport transfer. 15 min walk to Kuban Casino, Beach and promenade shopping front beach.
Nesebar Old City and Marina just a few kilometers absolutely to visit.


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New built Completely furnished
Studio 421 Front Children area, Sauna, Jacuzzi Fitness and swimming pool.
Bathrooms, Kitchen, balcony mountains quiet view. 

Sunny beach

Airport Burgas or Varna.
Varna airport little bit more far than Burgas but usefull too.


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